FREE Market Analysis

Free Market Analysis

Our Free Market Analysis presentation contains information that will enable us to compare your home to others like it in the market place. This comparison will help us decide the fair market value for your home in the current market. Once we have decided on a price and tested it, changing market conditions may require adjustments to the price to remain competitive.

This comparison is called a comparative market analysis (CMA). It uses the most current and reliable information from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), real estate firms, and title companies in this community. The homes included in this analysis are a sampling of properties in the area that are currently for sale or that have recently sold. They provide us a base line from which to begin our comparison. Other factors considered in this comparison are square footage, location, amenities, the physical condition of your property, and the effects of any existing financing on your home. At times, the term "fair market value" causes confusion. The definition has three basic parts – particular house – current condition – time frame (usually 30 to 90 days). Put simply, fair market value is the price at which a home will sell within a reasonable amount of time. This CMA will allow us to figure, using the above information, the fair market value for your home. Remember this is just an estimation and the price could vary up or down depending on the motivation of the buyer, seller and any fluctuations in the market.

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